Adriana Jean Louis, Founder

After four years and forty baby arrivals as a doula I've created this training as a response to not only what I felt I lacked but what the birth world needs.

Doula Philosophy and this training was created in response to the need for doulas who are conscious, compassionate and seek justice.


This course has been a labor of love with attention paid to every detail, looking forward to seeing you in class!

Doula Training and Certification

Doula Philosophy's series of courses are a training and certification program that incorporates our mission; cultivating conscious passion doulas specializing in areas of social and reproductive justice. We accomplish this task by blending evidence-based knowledge and research with our core values:

1.    Justice

2.    Compassion

3.    Faith

4.    Growth

Students work through four specialized courses that include reading, assessments, testimonials, live virtual sessions and virtual meetings to prepare for hands-on doula practice.

Our training for doulas begins with a rigorous childbirth education course. We study topics and issues from anatomy of pregnancy to pain management techniques used in labor and delivery. As a doula there is a profound responsibility to your clients to ensure their safety, comfort and rights. We also realize and value the experiences our potential doulas bring to this training and want to highlight that invaluable experience as well.

Feeding both breast and bottle are briefly discussed in our courses. It's encouraged to seek out additional feeding education if you so choose.

Upon completion of this portion of the course we will delve into specific doula skill sets. This includes but is not limited to comfort measures, positioning, creating birth plans, advocating for clients and the state of maternal mortality in the United States.


To certify students will need to:

·      Complete all four courses

·      Read and sign our standards of practice and vision, mission and values.

·      Complete breastfeeding requirement

·      Attend a minimum of three births with complete summaries of each

·      Write summaries on at least three births attended

·      Completion of social justice coursework with proof (can be substituted for selected reading with essay).

·      Receive reviews/evaluations from four people that witnessed you in doula practice

·      Complete written exam with a score of 80% or higher

The cost of certification is $200

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]

What is Included

·      A comprehensive doula training workshop led by Adriana with online portion of study or a online training program

· Certification Manual

·      Doula Philosophy Workbook

·      Access to Zoom sessions with Adriana for peer to peer and practical learning

·      Assistance with business foundations to kick start your practice.


Postpartum and Business Basics


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